From the recordings Tonight and Tonight (EPK)

Written by Mark Kowal.
Samantha Kennerly - Vocals
Drew Schultz - Percussion, Brass arrangement and recording
Charlie Miller - Trumpet
Alex Colista - Alto Sax
John Raleeh - Trombone
Toby Kmet - Tuba


15 minutes on the midnight train out of motown
For 15 years I've been waiting for the trip that I'm on now
Sometimes it takes a little longer, to get a little farther from where you've been
to start again...and again

Hearts bloom in autumn rains
And I hope mine will do the same
I'll mark each careful step along the way
And make each day a brand new day

I've got stars in my eyes now
they wash away everything I've seen
I've got hopes and dreams again, a chance, a place to start again
Tonight, I'm gonne live for me, the best of everything

I have used up all my chances
had my share of bad romances
I've done things that we don't talk about
Medicate it out
So I'm going to shoot for a change
While my heart is still in range
Show this town what I am all about
Shoot it out

I am loaded locked and ready
Something to lose but I hold steady
Just hold your breath and fire clean
I'll make a scene, just wait and see

Work, I'll work a little harder
and each step takes me a little farther
away from everything I'd come to be
My cage is open, I am free...


Gonna live a fantasy
Be in the magazines
Biggest you've ever seen