From the recordings Tonight and Tonight (EPK)

Written by Mark Kowal.
Danish Ali - Violin and Viola, String Score
Polinakermesh - Cello
Austin Thomas - Percussion


She said it's raining again this morning
Seems like every day it's pouring
Hard for the sun to shine when it's storming

You see we fall apart in stages
Each piece we give they age us
Till there's nothing left to save us

She's standing on the ledge
Inching closer to the edge
She needs careful hands to hold her

She says it feels right when things to wrong
Maybe a mess is where I belong
She only ever liked the sad songs

She used to live upon the stage
a beauty of her age
Now at the edge of 33
All that's left is “what used to be”
In the valley of the fallen stars
It's not who you were but who you are
With all that's come before
She doesn't believe in hero's anymore

She only dated schoolboys
She wanted cowboys
Thoroughbreads for tomboys

And like horses, life it broke us
We started to loose focus
And everything seems so hopeless

She keeps reaching for the stars
But the always seem too far
And they burn too bright

It's hard to put up a fight
With a battered broken heart tonight

She took the midnight train from the station
Going somewhere southern bound
She's going to make some new connections
She's going to make her family proud