1. Tonight

From the recordings Tonight and Tonight (EPK)

Written by Dick Darling.
Doug Bowen - Lead Guitar


This is a call to action
We can’t sit along the sidelines anymore
After watching all the fall out
From a modern-day disease
As the Crippled Nation News plays on repeat

Well they keep us in the dark
Someone has to light the spark
For the future generations, hear the call
It’s time for a correction
Point me in the right direction
Either turn this thing around
Or else we’ll burn it to the ground tonight

Disregard misinformation
Sick of losing, Sick of winning so let’s fight
Well we’re taking back control and I might not make it home
I’ll to anything I can to make it right

Can’t you see the storm is coming
No more hiding and no more running
I’ve had all that I can take
I can’t sit this one out there’s too damn much at stake