1. Sarah

From the recordings Tonight and Tonight (EPK)

Written by Mark Kowal.
Danish Ali - Violin and Viola, Score Expansion
Pilinakermesh - Cello
Austin Thomas - Percussion
Scott Brooks - String Score


Another night living on the corner of the bed
Screaming at the silence in your head
Bathing in the tears falling from your eyes
That comes from telling the world ‘say goodbye’

And the newsreels on the TV hum along
Telling another story of love gone wrong
It’s in that brief moment that you sigh
And look down at your diary and write

Why do we do the thing we do
And go through all the shit that we go through
And why must every single night
Become another tragedy, another drawn out fight

Well you run from all your headaches
And ya hide from all your fears
You must be living in tomorrow
Cause your never quite right here

Goodnight, goodnight
The songs about tomorrow are never right
Goodnight, so go do what you want to with your life
Tonight, tonight is the night to say
Sarah, everything is gonna be alright

I know what’s wrong so tell me what is right
I need more than a simple goodnight.
Cause you don’t understand the pain I feel
You don’t understand what is real


Well you think about your reasons
That never are quite clear
And you keep saying that you’re leaving
But you’re still grounded here