1. Bitter Ends

From the recordings Tonight and Tonight (EPK)

Written by Mark Kowal.


Radio play a song for me
Sitting here is hard you see
I need to break up this air I breathe

Starts again with jealousy
Same old game again you see
Playing out in misery

And this could get really bad
With these two best friends I have
Gasoline and cigarettes

When everything’s gone too far
We don't remember who we are
And who we were before the more and more and more

And we're breaking up again, breaking all the rules we bend
living our lives through bitter ends
And I think that this is killing me, you're making a mess of me
You're the very worst part of me

Yea, she's gonna make a stand
say it's time to quit the band
tell me none of my friends are right
and you're not going out tonight
so sit on down and talk to me
this is the best your gonna be

I'm ready for the fight
This is my town now, tonight
I'm gonna make my stand
Alcohol can make a man
A giant with a masterplan

And now we start again
We take the gloves off to begin
Come on down for one last round and I'm gonna win