1. Life

From the recording 20 Years In

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Middle song of song cycle. Middle age. Also, STRINGS!!


Tonight is just a waste of time
cause tomorrow is never due
You can't avoid the wrong time
when the right time's just not you
My friends they are a many
acquaintances I knew
So how's your love life
mine's a bit trite and overdue

I haven't missed the good times
they just didn't feel right for me
I seem a little on the outside
on the other side of reality
For fifteen minutes the spot light
didn't shine on me
I don't feel guilty about
never being close to anybody

You can see it on my lifeline
when you look at the good side
you see right through
I just don't feel right
I've cried every night
since June

When I sleep at night
I dream of a fantasy
I dream of being the high life
the social life of the party
When I write the story of my life
it won't be much of anything
So this is my life
is this what life is supposed to be