From the recording 20 Years In

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Second song in song cycle. This is about becoming a man.


Model cars and model planes
Monopoly and all life’s games
Warriors of backyard wars we fight

Doctor, soccer, rock star dreams
Dad is god, mom is gueen
As I am the king of my own regime

Superheros and comic books
Big time dreams of small time crooks
Race car winners on matchbox model A's

Movie star, silver screen
Dinosaurs and winning teams
Amazing all the things we once believed

Cause tonight holds tomorrow's dreams
Of a foolish mans reality
A fantasy that creeps into the mind
Of love, money, and monopoly's
Sugar treats and sugar dreams
Tonight will make tomorrow mine

Civil rights, majority
Job security, stability
Love that never fades away

Rest all day, sleep at night
The feeling of warm light
A cure to all of life's disease

Happy times, happy life
Happiness that isn't slight
Ignorance is bliss is what I say

Famous likes, movie right
Broadway play of all kinds
Of stories they'll write about me