From the recording 20 Years In

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First song in song cycle at end of album. It's about being a kid.


When your hoping to hold on to
The beginning it's hard to
Laziness has crept into the mind

But the start is something
This great unbelievable something
Where you can always take your time

For whatever you want to
To have hearts to cling on to
Without the threat of loosing your mind

Let me tell you something
Remember this one thing
There's nothing wrong with wasting time

It is so alarming, yet so elegant and charming
I feel aspirations deep within my heart
This is all part, of the start, the beginning of time

There's this drive inside you
You couldn't find again if you tried to
Complications complicate over time

There's an innocence and charm
A soul that does no harm
Questions that don't ever need an answer

Cause your a dancer, a romancer
You have a little toy blaster
Not worried about the sickness of the mind

Oh a child, young and wild
With everything your entitled
A god to everything you find