1. Pray

From the recording 20 Years In

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This is my friend Thomas's favorite song I wrote. I promised Dick Darling (the singer) he would never have to sing this song live.


Shot down, with a six shot, right outside my bedroom
Was a man I once knew as a friend
Till he spent all his time on the playground
Running favors for a handout
Just eighteen, wanted to be famous, or a just a good test
Of how a no-one can become a man
Shame though, caught up in the wrong flow, could have been a well known
If someone ever gave a damn
See it in the streets at night
Just another man shot on sight
What about the long road, we are supposed to go, what about the dreams
That come to us at night
Worked out, played out, thought out, drawn out
Until a man takes your life

Get down on your knees and pray
Get down on your knees (ya better)

Pray for us sinners
Cause a sinners heart doesn't have a prayer
Pray for us sinners
Cause I know there's a sinner in me, a sinner in me

My friend though, he was a good Joe, just another player
Caught up in a bad scam
Came to my bedroom, told me to get out, talkin bunch of false lies
About how he just kill a man
Crying like a baby, not worrying about his safety, the week ones
Always get a bullet in the head
Cause their not worried about nothing but their conscience
Your conscience always gets you in the end
It's not good to spill your secrets
Your secrets get you when they can
Like a mad crowd, that you just sold out, coming up behind you
To seek out their revenge
In the form of a sentence, carried out before you, you see from your window
Right outside your bed

Now there's this little chill I see
What I need is a little heat
Than it can be seen
If people listen to what I mean

When I say it's time to pray
You best not be in my way
Cause it's alright to shoot on sight
But your not allowed to cry at night

So i kneel and i pray