From the recording 20 Years In

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Everybody gets to write a break up song...right? I lived this song


So it happened once again and you turn to a friend
And whisper politics, all hypocritically biased
Look how far we've come, we're right back where we started from
There's nothing wrong with us, we just can't be delirious

And she said it's not that bad, your the best I've ever had
And what is wrong with me is trapped in ancient history
We can only go so far, you can't be more than what you are
As hard as this is, how can we ever go the distance

I've fallen to ashes once again
I think it's time to make a mends
Maybe life's a bit more than we pretend
They say there's light where the darkness ends

Take me home, I've fallen once again
We all know, it never works out in the end
It is so, what I mean I don't know
but it seems to me that we, should be allowed to be
somewhat ordinary

So it happened once again and you turn to a friend
And scream about that bitch and all the shit that comes with it
He says who believes in love, it's just something that we all dream of
A ritualistic, masochistic way of killing time off