1. Fire

From the recordings Tonight and Tonight (EPK)

Written by Mark Kowal.


I've made peace with all the gods
Tore my heart out, burned it up
Amplified forgotten cries
And lit the fire in your eyes

Cut the lights and start the show
Spark the fuse, strap in tight to hell we'll go

I am the king of all that is obscene
of disenfranchised lives and broken dreams
Tonight I am gonna to make a scene
And set fire to all the modern machines

I am ready to make my stand
To hold the ashes in my hands
To free the people from their hell
of kneeling before, the gods and kings and their own damn selves

Rise my army of disarray
Light your fires, we're gonna slay dragons on this day


Don't stop, to the limit
rectify, don't forgive it
outcry, things are changing
We're history rearranging

Tonight I won't stand by, deny
Line up, hold tight, green light, black knights