Pure Nonsense has that irresistible spirit real artistic freedom, and it’s 100% addictive.” - Jer@SBS

Sleeping Bag Studios

Tonight reveals Pure Nonsense to be a band that can truly do it all and does it exceptionally well” - Beach Sloth


Everyman’s Triumph” - David Leisten

Verse Chorus Verse

Tonight Album Trailer

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Spaceman Video

We made a properly ridiculous video for our song Spaceman.

Something to Lose video

Our new album "Tonight" is out!  We're swinging for the fences on this one.  Hiring out our most talented friends and collaborators.  The album is professionally mixed and mastered by Chris Flores at Sonar House Studios.

The first single "Something to Lose" is available everywhere you can stream or buy music online.

Current album on the turntable

Craig Finn

A Legacy of Rentals

I'm a huge Hold Steady fan.  Craig's solo work has always been good but I think this one is great.